A Weekend Away With A Tall Dark Stranger

Looking forward to great times ahead

Am I Crazy?

We just found out my wife was pregnant about three weeks ago and ever since I have been researching SIDS online and everywhere else. Some lovely idiot at the Nottingham escort agency had brought it up to me and now I cannot erase the thoughts from my brain. It is always what if, or how and why? Even after reading articles on it I still do not understand? If they give you ways to prevent SIDS than how do they not know exactly what it is? It just does not make sense. My wife thinks I am a lunatic for being so worried, but you really never know if you will be one of the unlucky parents that this happens to. In all honesty I would rather be safe than sorry. I am going to take every step to preventing this from happening to my child whether everyone thinks I am crazy or not.

What Do I Do?

So I have been asking around and I feel like a complete idiot, but do you cook for someone who is just coming over for London sex? I have never been in this situation before so I am unsure on what to do at the moment. I have cleaned my house, got dressed up, but I feel like there is something missing. I just do not know what? I have been laughed at numerous times now for the question and it is really irritating. I do not want to be rude to this guy, but at the same time I do not want to come off like this is anything more than just a hook up. For now I think I am just going to wait, and if he is hungry when he gets here maybe we can order some take out or just go out to eat.

Dating sites can work

Fuck buddies sites are popping up all around the web today. They are great for people who don’t enjoy the conventional dating scene or people who just don’t have the time to go to a bar and meet someone. One of my friends even uses those sites on a regular basis. His name is John and normally doesn’t have much luck with the ladies. He recently used an online dating site and had great success. He met a girl named Heather and they hit it off instantly. He even went as far to say that got intimate the first night of meeting each other. This is a testament that these sites actually do work. John said he was nervous at first, but the site allowed him to get comfortable with Heather before actually meeting her. His experience was a great success and they are still together even to this day.

A Complete Shocker

I cannot believe how many Christmas gifts I have already this year! I started in January when I got my taxes and I just about have everyone covered except my coworkers at Mansfield escort agency. I am going to hold off on them until later on in the year because sometimes we have Yankee swaps which I guess in a way is sort of like secret Santa? I am very proud of myself at the fact that I have got all my shopping done early because I usually am a last minute person and I end up getting super stressed out around the holidays. I definitely need to call my mom and tell her because she will be totally in shock. She is usually the early bird but I got her beat this year! If she has hers done already I will give her props, but I highly doubt it has happened.

A Huge Age Difference

I have worked at the local bank now for almost 40 some odd years and I never seen what I saw today during first shift. The bank opened early today at 5:00 A.M. due to the fact that it is Friday and pay day for most of our customers. About an hour after unlocking the front doors and letting people in, I saw a couple stroll through the doors walking hand in hand. When the man stepped up to my counter he placed a check down that was from the lady standing next to him. The check was neatly printed with the company named Nottingham escorts. I could not believe it, the lady only looked to be maybe 18 years old and the man was no younger than 60! How in the world could a man of that age go after somebody that young? The thought of it all is absoutely repulsive.

Carnival Life

I work all summer at a carnival in our area and help set up all the rides and sell tickets at the ticket booth. There are all walks of life that work this job and we all have to bunk together in trailers like cattle. For the most part we are given our schedule to work, when we are off we drink and everyone likes a local fuck or two. I have been with many men that I work with and it is like a little gossip session, everybody knows what goes on!

This will probably be my last summer working the carnival because I am off to college in the fall. I finally was able to save up some money to pay up front for my classes that I need to take. Hopefully this nightmare of a job is over and I am on to bigger and better things. In the future I hope I do not run into these people again!

Out in The Open

My mom and I both write blogs on the same site and for some reason my privacy settings switched back to neutral and she can see everything I write. I had previously blocked certain things I wrote so my mom did not have to read personal stuff about me. Once my stuff became unblocked, she started reading through every little thing on my blog page. She even read the one about me having gay sex. The only reason I knew that she read them is because she commented on a few of them and made fun of me. I am surprised she did not call me disgusting or call me only to scream. But instead she simply laughed it off which is very shocking to me because that is not a normal occurrence.

Chocolate Fish

After years of blind dates, the club scene, the bar scene and just about every other dating “scene,” I finally tried online fuck buddy. I couldn’t find someone to connect with and reached a point where I thought I never would. So, I registered on a lot of different sites and waited to see what would happen.

Well, I’m a sucker for marshmallows snacks — especially these marshmallow and chocolate treats called Chocolate Fish. I don’t know why I mentioned them in my dating profile, but I did. Next thing I know, two days later I received a message from someone who also loves them and wanted to learn more about me.

That’s how I met Carmen. So far, we share a lot of interests and favorites. I don’t know if we’ll continue to connect, but for the first time in a long time I’m hopeful.