A Weekend Away With A Tall Dark Stranger

Looking forward to great times ahead

A Huge Age Difference

I have worked at the local bank now for almost 40 some odd years and I never seen what I saw today during first shift. The bank opened early today at 5:00 A.M. due to the fact that it is Friday and pay day for most of our customers. About an hour after unlocking the front doors and letting people in, I saw a couple stroll through the doors walking hand in hand. When the man stepped up to my counter he placed a check down that was from the lady standing next to him. The check was neatly printed with the company named Nottingham escorts. I could not believe it, the lady only looked to be maybe 18 years old and the man was no younger than 60! How in the world could a man of that age go after somebody that young? The thought of it all is absoutely repulsive.